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              [Must know] inventory of China's 19 large car test field, the car had memories and memories


              Car test field, is designed to detect the stability and durability of the new car built. In theory, the new car in the test site durable test track running 8000 km, equivalent to running on the national highway 100,000 km. Because the durability test track assembled the country's most difficult and worst road spectrum around the country and even around the world.

              Car test field, is designed to detect the stability and durability of the new car built. In theory, the new car in the test site durable test track running 8000 km, equivalent to running on the national highway 100,000 km. Because the durability test track assembled the country's most difficult and worst road spectrum around the country and even around the world.The world's first test site built in 1917 in the United States, the development so far, the world has large and small test yards more than 200. The first test ground in China was built in 1987, located in Hainan Qionghai, then, including Xiangfan Dongfeng two steam test field, Anhui Dingyuan People's Liberation Army General Logistics Field and a number of test sites have been completed. However, it was not originally designed for car testing, mainly for trucks and military vehicles. These test sites to the 21st century before they were opened for the car to test.At present, the domestic vehicle test field in recent years intensive construction, and now in Jiangsu Yancheng, Anhui Dingyuan, Hainan, Yakeshi, Heihe, Hubei Xiangyang, Beijing Tongxian and other places have test sites. Among them, Hainan and Yakeshi and the most special, the Hainan test site from the equator recently, mainly under the high temperature performance test and exposure test, and Yakeshi a few months each year the temperature reached minus 35 ℃ - minus 40 ℃, It is a perfect place to carry out snow and snow and low temperature start and snow and snow test, and this year is full of vehicles for testing. Here we come to inventory the domestic mainstream test sites.Integrated test fieldFirst, the Ministry of Transportation Highway traffic test field


              (Hereinafter referred to as Beijing test field) is the Ministry of Communications Highway Science Institute, by the national project, the Ministry of Transportation to invest in the construction of the first domestic can be carried out automotive engineering, traffic engineering and highway engineering experimental study of large-scale Comprehensive test base, the total area of ??the total area of ??2.4km2, located in Tongzhou District, Beijing Dadu community, 28km from the city center. Since its inception in 1998, the test site has been continuously improving the testing facilities and continuously improving the service level in the spirit of serving the Chinese automobile industry and providing the best quality service for domestic and foreign customers, and obtained ISO 9002 quality system in December 1999 Certification certificate, in November 2002 was ISO 9001 quality management system certification, in December 2001 China National Laboratory accreditation certificate. Covers an area of ??2.4 square kilometers of road traffic test field is China's "eight five" key scientific and technological projects, has completed a total length of 28.6 km of various types of test roads, and one after another to install traffic test facilities; built, including the actual vehicle crash laboratory, Vehicle laboratories, automotive laboratory, vehicle maintenance laboratory, intelligent transportation system laboratory, road and bridge engineering laboratory, traffic engineering laboratory, environmental engineering laboratory, including the laboratory group. Second, Hainan Automotive test field



              Hainan Automotive test field, is China's only one car hot and humid comprehensive test base, under the FAW Group, was born in 1958. Is located in the beautiful scenery of the central island of Hainan Wanquan River test base, covering 1,200 acres. Green trees, flowers, ponds, pavilions ... ... pleasing to the embellishment in the embrace of the test field. And the most eye-catching is that, with the hilly terrain ups and downs, the size of the reliability of different test runway and technical difficulties, China's first high-speed performance test of the ring test runway.

              In the 8215-meter-long reliability test runway, a total of 18 different types of test pavement were laid. These pavement is based on a variety of domestic statistical measurement of the road, with the computer design simulation building. It basically contains a variety of typical roads in China's existing conditions: beach road, twisted road, stone road, fish scale pit road, washboard road, stone road, steep slope road, pebble road, sand road ... ... a comprehensive assessment of the car Ingredients and parts. Asphalt pavement mountain test road, 25 km long, a total of 150 bend. Here is the assessment of the car brake system, steering system, cooling system, transmission system performance and reliability of the typical sections. Like a microphone-type ring high-speed runway, total length of 6042 meters, for high-speed driving and a variety of performance tests.




              China Dingyuan Automobile test site is located in Dingyuan County, Anhui Province, covering an area of ??about 10,000 acres, is currently the largest domestic car test field. Now has 4km oval high-speed test loop, 2.2km comprehensive performance test road, 6.6km convex and concave test road, 10km off-road and 5km area mountain road, also has terrain through the sexual test facilities, urban conditions simulation test square, (20% ~ 60%) and other important special test facilities, as well as a complete, more advanced in the domestic testing equipment for the development of automotive testing provides a good condition.Dingyuan automobile test field under the PLA headquarters, mainly responsible for the selection of new military vehicles and stereotypes test and quality sampling test, but also assume the identification of civilian vehicles stereotypes test. The field covers an area of ??2.39 square kilometers, the test area covers an area of ??6.0 square kilometers, there are slopes, trees, meadows, depression and swamps and ponds and so on.Field car test dedicated mountain road, comprehensive reliability test road length of 17 km, Wan Lan in the hilly area, a natural mountain, snake road, gravel road, wave road. Over the water, steep slopes. The maximum longitudinal slope of the mountain is 20%, usually 10 ~ 18%, according to the different requirements of the composition of the different closed loop. All kinds of typical test road 6 km, there are Belgian stone road, neat and semi-neat stone road, three kinds of twisted road, the size of washboard and the way to wash the board, the size of pebble road, fish pit road, wading, muddy Road and turn round. Other test facilities are sand tanks, dust holes, four steep slopes (up to 60%) and rain.Fourth, FAW Technology Center agricultural security test fieldQQ截圖20170512104235.png

              Changchun Nong'an test site is located in Changchun City, Nong'an County, the main commitment to FAW Group's new car products and the main assembly of the performance test. At the same time, also bear the domestic manufacturers and the main products imported goods quality assessment, identification and a variety of special tests.

              The test area covers an area of ??960,000 square meters. The main facilities are: 4000 meters long circular high-speed circular runway, three lanes, the design speed of 160 km / h, the maximum speed of up to 200 km / h.

              (8%, 12%, 20%, 29%); in addition to the only domestic test, the four-point standard (8%, 12%, 20%, 29%); Crosswind test equipment.

              5, Xiangyang car test field

              Xiangyang Automobile Test Site was built in 1985, under the Dongfeng Automobile Engineering Research Institute. Xiangyang automobile test site covers an area of ??2902 acres, there are high-speed ring road, linear performance road, 2 # integrated road, Belgium ring road and other nearly 30 km test pavement and splash pool, standard slope, dust hole and other test facilities, Vehicle, assembly, spare parts and other laboratories more than 10, the state import and export goods inspection laboratory 2, to meet the domestic and foreign motor vehicle new product development test, product quality identification needs.

              Xiangyang Automobile Test Site was provided by the British Automobile Industry Association technical advice, the State Ministry of Transportation Highway Design Institute to undertake the scale of design, to meet the domestic and international automotive certification test technical requirements. Then invested 65 million yuan, the first phase of the project completed in October 1990.

              Six, in the gas center Yancheng car test fieldQQ截圖20170512104235.png

              (Hereinafter referred to as: the company) is the China Automotive Technology Research Center Holdings Limited set up to rely on the venue to build a world-class domestic and international automotive industry for third-party technical service platform, the test The venue is located in Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province. The total investment of 200 million yuan, the total length of 60 km test road, the venue planning to meet the car test & development and driving experience & contest a variety of road facilities, including:

              · High speed loop with a maximum speed of 300km / ph or more;

              · Dynamic Square for 300 meters in diameter for high-speed change and handling experience;

              · Satisfying high-speed linear racing with a length of 2.7km performance road;

              · A variety of combination of angle for the vehicle driving experience & control state test of the wet and dry control road;

              · At the same time the site construction of a variety of adhesion coefficient of the brake road, cross-country runway and fatigue test road.

              In addition to the road inside the field, the test site scientific planning and construction of auxiliary facilities to provide customers with the needs to meet the needs of different types of preparation workshop, office meeting place, economy hotels, car parks, etc.

              The same time as the above-

              Seven, Shanghai General Pan Asia Anhui Guangde test fieldQQ截圖20170512104235.png

              Shanghai General Motors Co., Ltd. Guangde Branch (Guangde test drive) is the largest and internationally leading test site, the total investment of 1.643 billion yuan, put into operation in September 2012. Guangde R & D center area of 5.67 square kilometers, is currently one of the advanced test ground. It has a lot of the first domestic figures, such as the test road up to more than 60 kilometers, coupled with a variety of supporting facilities, making Guangde R & D test center with effective testing of all aspects of the extreme performance of the advanced hardware.

              High-speed loop is the most important indicator of a test rig level. Guangde R & D test center up to 9.036 km high-speed loop is the most domestic, a total of four lanes, the outermost fourth lane maximum speed of up to 280 km / h, is one of the most domestic. An increasingly competitive environment, the joint venture of the localization of research and development capabilities put forward higher requirements. For GM, the Guangde test is its upgrading of local R & D capabilities, to consolidate the status of China's important support.

              The same time as the above-

              Eight, the public in China three test depot


              As the public in China, the first test ground, Shanghai Anting test park to spend 1.2 billion yuan, covers an area of 1.44 square kilometers. The test rig includes high-speed loop, intensive test, durability test and other different types of roads, the car can conduct a comprehensive professional test. October 2014, Shanghai Volkswagen in Xinjiang's test site is also officially signed. The new test vehicle invested 100 million euros (by about 800 million yuan). The new test site will be built in the Shanghai Urumqi Urumqi factory in the southeast, used to test the Shanghai Volkswagen production models.

              Volkswagen in another joint venture in China FAW Volkswagen also want to strengthen the building of independent research and development capabilities. 2012 FAW-Volkswagen invested 1.3 billion yuan in 60 kilometers away from Changchun, the foundation of the establishment of agricultural security covers an area of 14 square kilometers of the test site. Will become the public in the world's major production base layout of the most advanced one of the test ground. It is reported that the test depot will be completed this year.

              The same time as the above-

              Nine, Ford test groundQQ截圖20170512104235.png


              Ford is located in Nanjing Gaochun District test center recently officially laid the foundation. The test center a total investment of 109 million US dollars, or about 680 million yuan. After completion in 2017, the test center will have a number of test runway simulation of different characteristics around the world typical of the road environment, and can complete nearly 80 vehicle testing. The test center is about 90 km from the Ford Nanjing R & D center, and the test range will cover compact to full-size passenger cars, SUVs and light commercial vehicles. Around the runway will also have a series of advanced laboratories to test vehicle emissions, noise, vibration and power and steering performance.

              "After the completion of the Nanjing Testing Center, Ford has completed a number of vehicle performance experiments in China," said Trevor Worthington, Ford's vice president of Asia-Pacific products. "This will greatly enhance Ford's efficiency and capabilities in new product development."

              Ten, Toyota test groundQQ截圖20170512104235.png

              Toyota in China test site is located in Toyota China R & D center. The R & D center is Toyota's largest R & D center. Is currently under construction in the Toyota R & D center, covers an area of 2.34 million square meters, of which the test site for 740,000 square meters. It is reported that the test site consists of a variety of track, road and road conditions are more abundant than the average track, including a number of corners of the asphalt track, spacious straight, cement road, gravel pavement, dirt road, steep slope, Can be a comprehensive test of the performance of the car. It is reported that the future of Toyota in China, the production of various types of models, listed before the test will be completed here.

              Toyoda, president of Toyota, said that in China to build a world's largest test site, in order to develop this can be recognized by consumers and favorite car.

              11, Guangzhou Automobile Honda test groundQQ截圖20170512104235.png

              Japanese brand with the Honda is also a new test plant in China. Guangzhou Honda Automobile Test Field is an important part of Guangzhou Automobile Honda R & D Center. The technology center covers an area of 6 million square meters, an investment of 2 billion yuan, covering the main areas of automotive technology research and development.

              Guangzhou Honda Automobile test site project started at the end of December 2013, the current main project has been completed. It is reported that the main project of Guangzhou Honda Automobile Experimental Field project includes a total length of 4.17 km was shallow dish-like high-speed loop and low friction coefficient road (basalt pavement), bad road (stone road), bending road more than 20 kinds of special test pavement.

              12, Dongfeng Nissan test groundQQ截圖20170512104235.png

              Few people know that Nissan also has a test site in China. The test site is located in Dongfeng Nissan Dalian factory. "Renault Nissan Union factory function of the strongest test ground," said. The entire test site covers an area of about 52,000 square meters, there are 16 kinds of test road and straight distance 900 meters test runway, can fully test the dynamic performance of the vehicle.

              The localization of the test site is conducive to accelerating the development of new brands of brand speed. Today, car manufacturers around the world are trying to build larger, more comprehensive test sites and facilities in China to provide support for sustainable development in the Chinese market. It is reported that Hyundai Motor has also plans to build a new test site in China.

              13, Chongqing western automobile test fieldQQ截圖20170512104235.png

              Chongqing western automobile test field, located in Huangsha Town, Dianjiang County, Chongqing City (N30 ° N, east longitude E107 °) is about 150 kilometers away from the main city of Chongqing, about 10 kilometers away from Dianjiang County, which is subtropical humid monsoon climate and mild climate. distinct. The annual average temperature of 17.0 ℃, the extreme maximum temperature of 40 ℃ or more, the extreme minimum temperature of -4.4 ℃, frost-free period of 289 days.

              Chongqing West Automobile Experimental Field by Chongqing Changan Automobile Co., Ltd. to spend 1.3 billion yuan to build, the project covers an area of ??3362 acres, of which a total of about 3220 acres of various experimental roads, integrated service area covers an area of ??142 acres. With the world's unique advanced level of dry and wet maneuverable road, with a diameter of 300m the largest circular dynamic square, with four driving lanes up to 200km / h high speed loop, with more than 20 kinds of road comprehensive Evaluation of the road, with the basic performance Road, the brake test track (including 6 ABS test track), outside the noise test Road, comfort roads, strengthen the durability test Road, the standard ramp, abnormal road and other road, to meet the enterprise development Sexual testing, durability type certification and automotive mandatory regulations.

              The same time as the above-

              14, Great Wall test fieldQQ截圖20170512104235.png

              Great Wall automobile comprehensive test site is located in Baoding Great Wall headquarters new industrial park, covers an area of ??920,000 square meters, designed by the Spanish IDIADA company, its nested layout in the country is the first. Comprehensive test field high-speed loop total length of 7.019 km, the design balance of 240 km per hour, the maximum speed of up to 290 km, is currently the longest, the highest speed of high-speed loop; dynamic square by 900 meters acceleration section and 300 meters in diameter Circular area composition, the overall slope of the strict control within 0.5%, is currently the largest, the highest specifications of the test square.

              15, Chongqing motor vehicle test site

              Chongqing motor vehicle strong test site is located in Chongqing High-tech Zone Jinfeng Industrial Park, covering nearly 500 acres, a total investment of 560 million yuan, the State Administration of Quality Supervision and the Chongqing Municipal Government one of the strategic cooperation projects

              The test site was successfully completed on December 31, 2015 and has been approved and put into use by the national authorities. The test site has a high standard performance test road, ABS test road, noise test road, dynamic square, test ramp and wading pool and other six kinds of test road, carrying capacity, fully meet the requirements of motor vehicle test standards. At the same time, Chongqing motor vehicle strong test site can carry out all the vehicles of the maximum speed, braking, ABS, ESC and other safety, power, economy, comfort, handling stability and other projects of the test and testing. In addition to the car, motorcycle new product research and development test, import and export certification test, the standard verification.

              Six, BYD car test field

              BYD test site is located in Shenzhen BYD headquarters, covers an area of ??nearly 160,000 square meters, mainly by the high-speed ring runway, strengthen the test road and performance testing facilities composed of three parts. High-speed loop is the main vehicle test facilities, mainly for continuous high-speed driving test.

              In addition, the test site to strengthen the test road mainly for parts, body, suspension, assembly and other structures of the enhanced fatigue and reliability test. The performance test facilities mainly provide the vehicle for vehicle and assembly of various performance testing sites.

              It was also reported that BYD also cooperated with the Shaoguan municipal government to build a test site in Shaoguan, Guangdong.

              Cold area test field

              First, the steam center Hulunbeier winter test fieldQQ截圖20170512104235.png

              In the steam center Hulunbeier winter car test site in Hulunbeier Yakeshi City Economic Development Zone Phoenix Mountain Scenic Area within the Fenghu Lake, more than 10 kilometers around the vehicles and personnel scarce, can be used as a vehicle business cold test

              In the steam center Hulunbeier winter car test site has a lake area of 1.1 million square meters, workshop and office area of 1,200 square meters, can undertake and carry out the automotive and motorcycle products vehicle and parts technical regulations to verify the engine cold start test, SUV off-road durability Test, snow and snow test and other projects.

              The same time as the above-

              Second, the Heihe River Valley Automobile Test CenterQQ截圖20170512104235.png

              The Red River Valley Automotive Testing Center is the only open test site in Heihe City and one of Asia's largest cold test sites. Heihe Red River Automobile Test Center Co., Ltd. is located in Heihe City, Heilongjiang Province, located at latitude 47 ° 42'-51 ° 03 ', longitude 124 ° 45'-129 ° 18' between the world famous Norwegian winter test ground, Swedish Avis Cow winter test ground at the same latitude zone. Each year a month the temperature reached minus 35 ℃ - minus 40 ℃, the average annual minus 20 ℃ below the number of days 100 days, up to 127 days. Maximum snow depth of 33 cm, the average wind speed of 2-3.5 m / s.

              The company was established in 2006, in 2008 to become the country's first Sino-foreign joint venture open cold test base. Construction and put into use the Red River Valley test field, small Usley test field, two mountain test field, Nierji test field four test center. There are also seven alternative sites, providing independent test sites.

              The same time as the above-

              Third, Bosch (Hulun Buir) Automotive Testing Technology CenterQQ截圖20170512104235.png


              Bosch (Hulun Buir) Automotive Testing Technology Center, located in Inner Mongolia, Yakeshi Phoenix Villa near a lake, the test site is mainly composed of two parts, part of the open and frozen lake, the other part is on the side of the hillside The The center is Bosch's main winter test site, investing 150 million yuan to build. The test center will be China and the Asia-Pacific region of the host manufacturers to provide cold weather conditions under the car safety system testing.

              Bosch (Hulun Buir) Automotive Testing Technology Center land area of about 540,000 square meters, ice area of about 132 million square meters, the center of the vehicle with winter ice performance test field, the vehicle winter road performance test field, test workshop and office The

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